Insight For Your Website

What if we told you there is a way to see how your target audience interacts with your website?  Where they scroll, where they click and where they move on your site? With our User Experience (UX) software, we can provide these exact insights to help grow your business.

Once the UX Intelligence software is embedded in your site, we can capture real-time interactions and engagements by your website visitors. For desktop users, we are able to track their mouse to see where people click and how they interact with your site, where they scroll and what pages they navigate to. We also capture these insights for mobile and tablet users. Here, we track feedback from the device to show us where the screen is tapped, how people zoom or scroll and where your user’s click, to see how intuitive your site design is on mobile devices.

No matter what device is tracked, our  software generates recordings to determine the experience that your visitors have.

Track Your Success

When you work with our team, you’ll gain deeper insights. We use tolls like Google Analytics and rank tracking, our search engine optimization experts can monitor the performance of your site tangibly, with concrete metrics to back it up. We can determine the impact of changes by comparing traffic, time on site and pages per visit as well as other analytics. Theis enables our clients to see how successful their website and changes have been.

Get the truth about how your visitors and customers use your website with UX Intelligence today.

Screen Recordings

We are able to track your visitor’s mouse movements, clicks, scrolls, form interaction and more. These playback these recordings for analysis and make improvements to your customers experience.

  • See how people use your site
  • Playback recordings
  • Analyze and improve results

Form Analytics

Our UX program provides data so you can view how your visitors interact with forms on your site. We measure drop-off, errors, user frustrations and more.

  • Track form interactions
  • Measure drop-off
  • Improve conversions

Feedback Campaign

Hear what your customers have to say…. We create interactive surveys to receive direct feedback from visitors on your site. Gain insights from your visitors to identify when they are having issues or need assistance.

  • Gain customer feedback
  • Interactive surveys
  • Hear directly from your customers

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